Monday, June 8, 2009

Seed People

Every so often you meet someone who has so much to offer you that they are

a summary of the best from your past

tenderness in a bud

life-giving laughter

teachers even when they are your students

the reminder that we give because

the strength of a safe present

a reflection of your power and potential

the embodiment of Divine love

the hope of all possible futures

forever creating with you in the eternal present

Those are SEED people. It feels like the whole of your life lies in the your interaction with them. You can grow a whole forest, a whole world from those seeds.

The seed for this post was planted in my heart in a session with one of my coaches: Paul Zelizer
@MoneyMakeover2 so I dedicate this to him!

Recognize your seed people, value them, respect them, share with them, suppport them, receive from them, love them. THANK YOU to each one of you!

Who are YOUR seed people? Give them a call or a hug, send them an email and share the gratitude of having each other in your lives! Do it now.

1 comment:

  1. You are one of my seeds Sophie. Thank you for who you are :) Love,Nancy