Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why Do I STILL Feel Stuck?

Why do still feel stuck if I have been doing all the right things for so long?

I hear you: you have been meditating for YEARS. You have grown so much through it, learned so much from it. You have changed, evolved, become more self aware. And that is all good. It is the foundation to your new positive life creation. I meditate daily myself.

So you realized self awareness was not enough: you needed to take all that good peaceful knowledge into your interactions with others. You watched yourself in your relationships, followed the pain, cried, puzzled, read the books.

The issues became clearer but that was not enough so you spent money on workshops. Wow! The workshops were GOOD! MAGICAL! How much we learned in the workshops. The amazing teachers we fell in love with. The wonderful unique individuals we met. We were not alone any more; every one was on the same path as us it seemed.

So you learned all those great tools. You changed the way you talked to people. Then you changed the way you thought about people. And your relationships improves vastly. So much easier to relate to each other nowadays. We really have changed and come a long way. I meet lovely people wherever I go now. Open minded, friendly, cooperative, been on the path a long time. Beautiful men and women who really 'get' it.

The next layer of course is when we realize that it's not really about others, that it can only ever be about us. But our ego has been tamed by now so we can say it without pride or selfishness. We know that we are all connected in the web of life and when we say it's all about us, it is because through changing ourselves we are changing the whole world, in a cosmic way.

Phew! That was a lot of work. We're all good by now.


So what about the nagging heart ache? What about the puzzling repetition of self-defeating patterns? And the occasional emotional bomb that explodes in our face and makes us forget everything we know?

Unresolved personal karma. Family karma (believe me: there IS such a thing). Soul decisions, made eons ago. Vows. oaths, curses. Information written in your DNA because of decisions made by your ancestors in completely different times. You don't even know those things are there unless you are trained to see them. And even when you suspect they are there, how do you change them? How do you remove them? How do you create sound foundation?

Because I believe that we can live without pain I have spent a life time learning how to use quantum healing to track down and delete the very hidden negative patterns that rule our lives. So we can go back to our true nature: Divine Love.

Do YOU think that you might carry some ancient pattern that is stopping you from loving in the now? If you suspect that you might be suffering from a hidden pattern that creates heart ache in your life, email me and let's talk about it!


  1. This was just so pertinent to how I was feeling today! Finally heading to bed to sleep on this! I so agree with all that you have said. Thanks again Sophie for words that make sense and resonate with me!

  2. do tell how we can live without pain.

  3. This is such a great post - Brava!! You really opened a whole new world up to explore.
    Thanks XX's