Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Quantum Healing Can Do For Children

Tonight I was called to help with a 6 year old boy who had a bad reaction to his steroid medication combined to some other medication. His asthma was bad. His pulse was erratic. "Sometimes 19, sometimes 25" said his mother and that is what prompted her to call me. After about 15 minutes of quantum energy healing, his heart rate was steady. After another 15 minutes his breathing was still shallow but regular and he had stopped moaning. His father, who had looked after him the previous night, felt things were better enough that he could go and get some rest.

Tonight's healing session got me thinking about how we can create love and health for our children with healing:

About the 18 months old with lead poisoning. After only one Quantum Healing session where we found the root cause of the problem in his father's ancestry and removed it from their family's energy signature, he tested clear at the following test.

About my 8 year old stepdaughter who had been agitated and talking in her sleep with flu and a fever, falling into a deep peaceful sleep after 5 minutes of Seichem energy running through her.

About the 7 year old boy who had never slept well and didn't know how to fall asleep peacefully ever. His mother had one kinesiology and Quantum Healing session with me and I worked on him through her as a surrogate. Their energies were very linked anyway! 3 days later she emailed me VERY excited: "He falls asleep easily and peacefully, every day, I can't believe it! I wish I had known about you 7 years ago!"

About the 10 year old who was very dyslexic. She was treated with Young Living Oils blends and energy. She laughed then cried. Then was suddenly quiet. She resumed her homework and could read and understand instructions and write down her answers easily for the first time ever.

About the 2 and 4 year old brothers who stopped fighting so much after their family was attuned to Reiki.

About the 1 year old and the 5 years old who had a stomach bug and had been listless all day, very sick and not eating anything. Both got up and went back to walking around with only 10 minutes of energy healing (Reiki and Seichem that time).

About the college kid who stabbed her finger with sharp scissors while helping with the girl scouts. The bleeding was not stopping after several minutes and the little ones were becoming alarmed. With Reiki the bleeding stopped within seconds.

These are all true stories and they happened exactly as simply as I describe it.

Energy healing is very practical and can have direct positive consequences to make children's, parents' and families' lives easier, safer and more loving, without side effects and without heavy financial investment.

Do YOU know a family who could use some healing energy? Talk to them about it or send them my way: I love supporting families and have been doing so for over 11 years!


  1. Our family had a Reiki attunement w/ Sophie recently. Our whole family dynamic has shifted, more love, more joy, more laughter. Our 9 yr old now uses Reiki to help him fall asleep. He is not up until 10 pm anymore. Our two older sons do not fight as much. Our 3 yr old will put her hands on us when we are hurting. Powerful stuff! Check it out.

  2. Can you work with old wounds / depression / finances? My husband has extensive war injuries and is unable to work b/c of ulcerations in his ankle due to bad circulation. We do not have unemployment or disability as he was self employed for about 15 years, and we are struggling.

    Want to come on the radio show as a trade for a healing for him? LMK =D @HolisticMom