Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Quantum Healing a Little Strange?

If you think that Quantum Healing sounds fanciful, far fetched and a little strange, look at what I just found on Twitter today: a link to an article of the Science Snapshot of USA Today:

physicists have started experimenting with something called quantum teleportation, in which the characteristics of light particles appear to transfer instantaneously across great distances, a phenomenon that cryptographers have proposed for impossible-to-eavesdrop communications.

In 2007, University of Vienna physicists described sending messages this way using telescopes 89 miles apart at an American Physical Society Meeting." by Dan Vergano. (Posted 3 days ago it seems)

What it reminds me of is Harry Potter quite frankly! You know, apparating in and out of strange places. Or the other classic: "Scotty, beam us up!" Pure science fiction. Except it's not: some seriously educated people are currently spending some serious money on serious research in the quantum field. Even though: "What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school.... It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don't understand it. You see my physics students don't understand it.... That is because I don't understand it. Nobody does."(Richard Feynman Quantum Mechanics Physicist 1918-1988)

I know that we don't know. And I understand that some scientists think it's unfair to use scientific data to make metaphysical points or unreasonable to extrapolate from their findings without solid proof of what we are describing. Since we DON'T know, we owe it to scientific inquiry to keep an open mind, like true scientists who do not pre-judge or exclude possible findings before they can be demonstrated either way.

Remember: fire existed before man used it. Electricity existed before we could harness it, explain it or measure it. There was a time when we thought the earth was flat. So how do you know that what you believe to be real now IS real? How do you know for sure that what the healers and channelers tell you they can see, feel, manipulate and make happen with energy is not real? How do you know that Quantum Healing is not real? How do you know exactly HOW people are getting better (for getting better they are).

Just because we don't have a machine sensitive enough to measure healing yet, does it make it unreal? More unreal than quantum teleportation?


What do YOU think about all this? Where is YOUR comfort zone with reality? Is energy and healing 'real' in YOUR world?


  1. A very thoughtful and thought-provoking post Sophie! Enjoyed reading it very much!

  2. A very thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I enjoyed reading it!

  3. "We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves." ~
    Saint Thomas Aquinas

  4. I probably didn't really believe in energy/energy healing even last fall (if I thought about it at all), but then I tried reiki, and was attuned for reiki .. now I still can't really explain energy healing, but I know what I feel - and that it's real for me. and in the end, that's really all I need to know.

    but then again, I do love Harry Potter. ;)

  5. Energy Healing is real in my world Sophie. Can I explain every detail and nuance of it - nope. I can rest in this: I don't see the wind, but I feel it. I can't see the power of love, but I experience it with my wife.

    Ya know what I mean?

    There is a shift happening. A definite shift from the "just the facts" mentality to the knowledge that comes from intuition.

    I've said this a lot lately: STOP, LOOK inside, LISTEN to your heart - it is there you will find the answer.


    You bet!

    Great post - love your writing.

    Frank Dickinson

  6. Science studies the physical nature of the universe. It's outlook and methods are geared toward what can ultimately be observed and measured.

    What science can do in regards to understanding Quantum Healing is test it with the "Scientific Method." Make a hypothesis about it and set up an experiment to test the model.

    Until science can fully study the model and its results, any and all healing as a result of Quantum Healing will be viewed with skepticism by the scientific community.

    As it should.

    Anecdotal evidence may convince the observer but will only strike curiosity amongst the science minded...or skepticism.

    But all is not lost Sophie! Regardless of what science has to say at this juncture, Quantum Healing is both compelling and useful.

    No need for any endorsement from the scientific community. Your body of work and the testimonials of your own successful clients will speak volumes.

    My own belief is that it can profoundly transform and heal. I believe in you and I believe in your work.