Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spontaneous Attunements

Part of the Planetary Awakening and the Cosmic upgrade is that when

you are ready for the change of healing,
you are willing to do the work that needs to be done now,
you have enough support in place in your life to allow you to do this safely,

you will receive spontaneous attunements on a regular basis at the moment. I currently receive about one every couple of days.

Particularly is you are working with a Master, a teacher or a healer who is open and growing fast at the moment, you get upgraded every time they do and you all float to the top together, at the same time, supporting each other in the process.

What does it feel like? Anything from light-headedness to tingling, to feeling energy course through your body, to orgasm, to completely leaving your body and merging into the light is possible and have happened to me as well as many of my students.

How do you feel afterwards? "Different" is the best way to describe it. Remember: there are no rules, no prescribed way of becoming: you are just becoming more of who you are, which is pure Divine Love in creation and in motion. So whatever you feel and are is right. The power of intention is paramount. Hold a clear, pure, loving intention with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability then let go, let God and enjoy the BLISS!

Create, create, create and en-JOY!

Have YOU experienced a spontaneous attunement or upgrade of your energy? Connect with me on Twitter or Email me with your story and we can talk about it and I would love to post some of them here as well!


  1. I am so feeling that today! Could NOT understand why over the past 3 days I had this huge headache and pain in my shoulder ... and I've been stirring things up for me and many others by deciding to call myself (and them) forth and not accept less than 100% in our lives.

    This took an immense lot out of me mentally and physically to the point I could barely make my body move (staying in bed till past noon yesterday!)

    And today - I feel like a new woman! Like something just switched in me and everything is possible. I've felt this way MANY times before and it lasts for a few days/weeks and then life gets all flat again.

    Is that all part of attunements? So everytime I feel this way I'm moving up to a higher level? Interesting!

  2. hi sopihie...just reading your last few posts and am feeling so reassured! i've been exhausted recently and in the past few days am feeling an odd, but mild heaviness in my neck. it's a feeling i'd never experienced before. so not like to me to "sit" or retire early but tonight that's just what i did. Can you tell me more about the grounding mediatation? warm hugs to you, deary!...beth