Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moody Day for Everyone!

Today is the 3rd eclipse in 5 weeks according to the very wonderful and very accurate Kim Gould of Love Your Design. All I know is that everyone is moody and irritable, with stomach aches all over the place. Healers and children are being particularly affected.

If you or your children are feeling this way, you are not alone.
Today is the day to be gentle with ourselves. It will pass. By Sunday things will be better.

So be gentle, tender, patient and embrace your emotions: they are showing you where you are comfortable and where you need to work on things. This is a fantastic opportunity to shift and move to the next level of our awareness and our abilities! This is a tremendous opportunity to learn to love more and better: ourselves and the community at large.

I Love you!

How are YOU doing today? Leave a comment below!


  1. Today...felt like being squeezed like lemon..sad,grumpy, hard to focus...Tried to meditate/catnap earlier when I got home...even hard to accomplish...but did help..feeling a bit more it Sunday yet!?
    I Love You too Sophie :)

  2. So glad it wasn't just me. Hubby sensed it as soon as I got home and sent me straight to the shower to cleanse the day off of me, he wouldn't even say hello. LOL :)

  3. Ok So I haven't been injured in ages and Tuesday I had a freak accident (old man in motorised wheelchair drove it into my right knee leaving it bruised and cut) and today, I simple fell down while walking - my sandals slipped but there was no indication, I just found myself lying on the floor, bruising my right hip and wrists. Been in pain, tired and cranky since Tuesday. Sunday, hurry up/.

  4. I apolagized to my husband yesterday,"Sorry I was so moody today honey." He aswered back, "You? What's wrong? You are not usually a moody person." So, I too am glad I was not the only one.