Monday, August 3, 2009

Second Sunday with Sophie

On Sunday August 9 we are starting Second Sunday with Sophie.

The new energies are still coming in waves, change is rapid and I want to make the information I am connected to available on a regular and affordable basis.

At times the change is blissful and at times it is more challenging. It has been physically tiring for many of us. We have all experienced strange physical symptoms. Some are seeing their hormones being really affected, which impacts their mood, their relationships, their sexuality or makes management of conditions such as diabetes or depression more challenging.

I also hear amazing positive stories:

of being lifted out of your bodies and taken to the light
of being visited by angels
of suddenly 'knowing' that you are an earth angel and relaxing into that realization
of being asked to let go of important projects or relationships
of energetically connecting to others half way across the globe

Maybe your experiences are blissful, maybe they are challenging, maybe it's a mixed bag and you experience them all in turn. I suspect at times you also feel fear and anxiety at being pushed to change so fast.

There are ways to:
stay in balance
work through the fear so you learn through it
understand your mission in this life time

I have been studying, creating and practicing balance in a fast changing spiritual environment for 11 years (well, for centuries, really). I have this down to a fine art!

Also, I know and understand what is happening at this moment of our planet's awakening. I am in constant contact with angels, guides and the Divine. Which is why so many are connecting with me. As a result of this, I am at the point in my practice where I cannot speak personally with every person who wants to connect with me every week. I think this information is comforting to many and I want it to be available, in person. When I find a healer or a teacher I resonate with, I always want to hear their voice, I want to be in their vibration.

1- Every SECOND Sunday at 2PM EST I will be on the phone and available.

On the call I will:
  • teach one of my meditations
  • discuss a healing topic
  • take questions at the end of the call so be sure to ask your question on the call detail page.

2- On the other Sundays of the month I will meditate at 2PM EST and invite you to join me in meditation and prayer for Oneness.

There is power in numbers, you know that. And you know that together we can create a beautiful vibration of Oneness, Love and Joy. So join me every Sunday at 2pm EST, I will be meditating for Oneness with you. You can tune in energetically from wherever you are in the world.

For the phone calls for SECOND SUNDAY WITH SOPHIE I am asking you to contribute "$8 or more" and I WILL NEVER RAISE THIS BASE FEE so my teaching about Oneness is always available to everyone. This way we can:
  • create community,
  • share cutting edge content
  • offer support and inspiration
in 2009 I will talk with you on:

Sunday August 9 ~ Grounding and why it matters.
Sunday Sept 13 ~ Are you a healer?
Sunday October 11 ~ Staying Balanced and Breathing
Sunday November 8 ~ Kundalini Reiki
Sunday December 13 ~ the December Solstice

The call details will be posted here for every month so bookmark this page now to return to it easily or join my newsletter and I'll send you a short email with the call details the day before.

Call details for Sunday August 9 will be sent to you as soon as you send your donation and you will also have the opportunity to send me your questions from the confirmation page:

Donation Options

If you know someone who would benefit from this, send them this link:

I'll talk with YOU on Sunday at 2PM EST!

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  1. Sophie, this is wonderful! I am so looking forward to tomorrow's call and the Oneness Meditations. I've told all my Holistic Tweeples of and will set up recurring tweets to spread the word with my followers from now on. I am so excited!! =) Andrea @HolisticMom

  2. Thank you Andrea! You have been most wonderful!