Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Practicing Surrender

Surrender. Sounds scary? It can be. Because we are not used to it. Because we have had bad experiences of being out of control.

So we need to practice.

First surrender the small things. Don't start with letting go of your day job and not knowing how your mortgage will get paid! Start small, with something that does nor matter so much. I think that's why people like experimenting with things like finding a parking space. It's manageable. If you don't find one it's not the end of the world and if you do it's so gratifying.

Then ask for some people to show up in your life. Ask for small sums of money. Ask for appointments to be changed or canceled, prices to be dropped so you can afford something you want. Small measurable things that you can prove happened. Pay attention to your circumstances. Notice when your wishing and surrendering the 'how' brings you what you want.

And remember: surrender is voluntary. Surrender is NOT submission. It is not forced. You are not being beaten down: you are willingly letting go. And letting God carry you.

The second part is gratitude. Surrender into gratitude. Immerse your self into it. Lose your self into it. Let gratitude flood you, overwhelm you, submerge your heart.

Do NOT take my word for it. Try it for YOURSELF: wish, surrender, be grateful. Repeat.

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