Monday, October 12, 2009

Surf the Wave

Every so often something or somebody blows your whole world open.

Someone speaks their LOVE for someone or for a passion in their life




and we watch life create itself.

From the brink of despair, destruction or delusion, a miracle happens.

The wall turns into a gateway and Light comes streaming through, photons turning into matter, reality being transformed in

wave after wave of creation.

That is how life is created in our universe. On all planes of our existence. Catch a wave and learn to surf!


  1. Sophie,
    This is how I am feeling right now.. I am actually feeling life create itself for me and my family. The wall is transforming right before my eyes. It is truly magnificent and I am happy to have friends like you to share it with...Love, Nancy

  2. Thank you Nancy!
    You BUILT that door! I watched you! ;o)

  3. Sophie..waves...waves everywhere..I love waves, my whole life I have wondered at them, stood in awe of them and constantly trying to feel them. Walking as a kid was always fun when I was deep in thought about the layers of life we walk through without even noticeing. The last 2 years I have been waking up. The waves that are coming are so intense I find myself having to stand still, close my eyes and let them flow around, in me and through me they are getting more intense. I don't know where they are coming from, or going to, but I do know they feel really good. I think Twitter has brought an amazing tool to focus those waves and it may be the wonderful postiive energy I keep you..and so many others who are constantly thinking positive thoughts and sending them to me. Wherever they are from I stand in acceptance, with open arms and let the waves of light fill my world..thanks for being one :)

  4. As usual you make a really good point June! I too have been feeling the waves increase over the past few years and I have become more and more sensitive to the energy people send. That is why I like being on Twitter so much! Thank you so much for being there and for being so truthful, constant and loving!