Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You Listening?

Yesterday (Monday) I was swept by a huge wave of energy and at felt a strong urge to tweet: "When God whispers do you hear her? Or do you wait for the tsunami before you listen?" I thought I was using a metaphor.

All day today (Tuesday) I wanted to cry. Great sobs of deep sadness from the core of me, for no reason i knew of.

Half an hour ago I was stunned to read the headline: "Quake triggers tsunami in the Samoas, killing 34"

Of course I do not think that God sent the tsunami to punish anyone. I do however think that I was tuned to the rumblings of the earth I inhabit and felt the Tsunami coming, hence the imagery I used yesterday.

We need to pay attention.

We need to pay attention!
We need to be aware
We really need to listen

Listen to me: we need to pay attention and to listen! To the rumblings of the earth, to the whisper of the divine, to the world that is cracking around us like a ship in the storm.

Awareness is going to be our only guide through the shift. So please, pay attention and LISTEN and you will be surprised at how much information you can gather. Useful information.

Are YOU listening?

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