Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/9 or 9/9/2009?

9/9/9 is it? the day of triple completion (mind, body, spirit maybe?) and that's it? What then? Oh, and it's three nines , with nine also a multiple of 3 on a Wednesday with the Opener of Way playing with 3s on Wednesdays. Do I see an opening here? A portal?

Or is it 9/9/2009 which makes it the day of triple completion in the Century of Balance, #2 being the number for balance and protection.

My wonderful numerologist friend calls 9.9.9 'completion taking itself to completion'.

And 3 for Opening the Way.

Completion and opening the way at the same time.

Also if u play with numbers the way I do, you find that by continuously adding all the digits of 9.9.2009 you get 11. Which of course represents the Portal. So we have a portal in 3 and a portal in 11. In a day of 3 nines. What kind of a day is this?

So I am thinking to myself, quietly, in my little corner of the woods, with my friend's help in figuring the numerology and with my crown chakra tingling like mad and with my appetite gone and my physical world fast falling apart around me and messages coming at me from 3 different sources that if I feel so stuck right now it's because I am (we all are I am sure) on the brink of huge changes.

I am thinking quietly to myself that maybe today is the last day of the last century, of the last 2000 years, of the previous age of war and duality and disaster and maybe we'll have a lull and the next equinox might be the beginning of the New Age, the New Earth, the Age of Oneness.

So in my world, today is another one of those wide open energy portals that we have been having since the last June Solstice. Let go, surrender and step into the Heart of God!

See you on 11.11.2009 which will be 11.11.11, with a total of 6 for intuition, psychic powers and Self-mastery! In other words, a straight connection from the Divine to our third eye and endocrine system. Promising! LOL

What do YOU think? Oh, and have a great day! LOL

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