Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Healer at the Water Cooler

Every week someone asks me what I want out of life, what my goals are, why am I not super wealthy yet if I understand the Law of Attraction and if I am as powerful energetically as I say I am. They are all very good questions and I have spent days answering those questions to the best of my ability. With my head. And with my heart.

What I realized today is that neither my head or my heart were going to give me the answer. The answer is in the way I use my time. What do I spend the most time on? What do I do when nobody is watching? What do I naturally want to go back to when I have a free moment? What do I do easily because I am good at it? A Twitter friend recently asked: "Do you know what makes you purr?" In other words what do I do so naturally, so instinctively that I am relaxed enough to want to purr like a comfort oriented, self-centered, always balanced and fall-on-my-feet-no-matter-what cat?

When I was a Marketing Analyst for a large international organization, I was ill about 2 weeks out of 4 for months. And that was in my 20s when my body was youthful and should have been healthy! The only moments I felt relaxed were when I was chatting to people about their lives. Which was fine at the week end but made me feel guilty if it ever "wasted company time". What was happening to this goal oriented workaholic girl who had always given 110% to her job? After a few months it hit me: working in a Marketing Department no longer made my creative juices flow. I ENJOYED listening to people tell me about their lives and their issues all day long. I was good at being there for them and at actively listening as they worked out solutions for themselves. Some people even got paid to do what I naturally enjoyed doing. So instead of being the 'lazy' employee/healer at the water cooler, I became a healer. I had voted with my time.

Twenty years later I need to watch how I use my time again and I am quite certain that it will show me how I can best express my passion for healing and for union with the Divine. Whenever I have followed my heart, my needs have been taken care of. I need to remember that!

How do YOU naturally use your time?


  1. You have found your true path Sophie. It just has to catch up to you! :-) Lovely post.

  2. Looks to me like you've got your head around all the right things. Great post.

  3. your energy beams from you, I feel those waves.
    when we are truely happy life and love make us purr..i think we just forget to say I'm great at this..and keep doing it...I think you are great..your ability to reach out to anyone a quality of a true healer. peace my friend