Saturday, September 26, 2009


Recently @kelvinringold tweeted: "Winning is relative, you know. Sometimes losing can be winning." which brought me back to one of my favorite topics at the moment: What is success?

By which I mean: what is success for me? I had my upper arm tattooed when I was 22 years old to be reminded daily that when I reached 40 I wanted to be able to look back and have no regrets. (It worked: I still have no regrets!)

So I guess that is my definition of success: being able to look back on my life without regrets. Each day I ask myself: If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, what would I choose now? How would I spend my time and who with? Is there anyone I love who does not know it? Is there anyone I am responsible for who is being neglected in any way? And I make all my decisions based on that. Have done since I was 20.

Never go to bed angry
Tell your kids you love them as they leave for the day
Only allow positive people in your life
Be grateful for what you love, have, enjoy (material and otherwise)

That is success to me.

And having time. Beyond the money I need to function in this society, I highly value having the time to be more than acquiring more 'stuff'. Time to be on my own. To be with others. Having the time to smile, to chat, to listen, to walk, to follow my flow, to grow. Having the time to love. Did you notice how it 'takes time' to really love people and to make them feel loved? That is something I treasure deeply. It's kind of old fashion and not very sexy, I realize that. It never makes newspaper headlines. But it makes me smile. Every time.

How do I measure a result like that? By how much I smile and by how well I sleep at night. By how healthy my immune system is.

Of course there is the Law of Attraction. And the people who tell me I can manifest anything I want. As I have many times in the past. That I can manifest everything I want. I would need to manifest a warehouse to store all my everythings in it! I don't want to manage a large warehouse. So I need to decide what I really want. I mean really. What makes me happy every time? And manifest THAT. Which will be the measure of my success, regardless of what other people think makes THEM happy, material or otherwise.

What makes YOU happy every time? What is the measure of YOUR success?


  1. I love your definitions of success! If more people would embrace success in the way you do, they might find that all of the other things that we normally associate with success, e.g. money, fame, etc., would take care of themselves!

  2. You make me smile; thank you. I recently retired from my day job, so I have more flexibility with my time and like you I've had a chance to visit some friends and take some leisure I couldn't before and just flow. 30 days now... and I wouldn't trade it. I am making my own path, and free to do what I want and need -- not that it's always easy, but controlling the choice makes it good. I like your definition of success also. If it makes your heart smile, it can't be bad, now. Can it? Have a tremendous day.

  3. What makes me HAPPY? A special 30 min cuddle with hubby in the morning with all 4 kids entertaining themselves... A great big hug from son#2 with a "u r the best mom in the world".. An evening chatting with a great friend... All 6 of us piled in bed for stories... Helping people become/realize who they are... U make me smile Sophie. I was filled with gratitude this morning for your friendship. Since I met you and started working with you my life is amazing.. Our family is the family I always imagined: engaged, happy, loving, and SUCCESSFUL! That is the measure of my success: A happy family where every member feels loved and has space to grow... Thank you for being a part if it. I love you. Nancy

  4. Kelvin said it like this...

    "free to do what I want and need -- not that it's always easy, but controlling the choice makes it good"

    Any form of that is my estimation of true success.

    Thanks Sophie and Kelvin,

  5. I really love this post. You nicely define your view of success and leave money and fame in a secondary place, where they belong.

  6. Thank you guys and gal! It's taken me a long time to get to this balance. It's nice to make friends who are on the same wavelength. I agree with Frank that when we embrace success as happiness first, "all of the other things that we normally associate with success, e.g. money, fame, etc., take care of themselves!" That has been my experience all my adult life. When I do what makes me truly happy in everything else falls into place 'just like magic' ;o)