Monday, September 28, 2009

When I Stand in the Center

I never know how God's voice is going to reach me and when it does it takes my breath away every time!

When I stand in the center, what moves and what stands still changes.

When I stand in Her center Creation spins around me.

I surrender

There, through the Heart of God I love all.

Because in His infinite wisdom he gave us each other to love to remind us of Him.

There miracles happen, people appear, minds are shaped, money is created

In Her Center Miracles Happen

In Her Womb you heal

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  1. With Leonard Cohen playing in the background, Dance me to the end of love...I wanted to share this...
    For the last 20 years I have thought about this man who loved me but I was oblivious to him at the time, we shared some special moments like the best date I ever had. He wrote the intro of a song for me. I've spent 20 years wondering 'what if' about it, and every now and then I get a wave a love about him. Last christmas I started sending out the same email to everyone I could find with the same last name looking for him...after 100 sorry emails I got an email from his wife, she said when she told him about the email he was in the shower and nearly fell with excitement!!
    He is married, and has 2 lovely boys and a wonderful life out west, and here is what I want to share...for 20 years he has kept this picture of him and I and our friend Aaron, that we took in a photobooth in Montreal in 1989, in his guitar case, and when he plays it and he does all the time he sends a thought wave to us each, hoping that our lives are well! The waves we think for eachother do reach us, sometimes we just I wonder where that thought came from. Since then I don't wonder anymore. I have spent my life holding the images of those I love close in my mind to feel the love they have shinning at me especially during difficult times..and after 911 and feeling the waves of horror and sadness and loss I didn't sleep for days, the waves were just too strong.. But now from this wonderful twitter world the waves that come are so overwhelming some days. I was standing in Wallmart today and had to stand still and close my eyes and let them wash over me, making me smile down to my toes, it took me awhile to see that I am in a state of constantly recieveing such joy from the Universe that they sometimes blow me over.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the waves you give me and others and I hope you feel them coming right back at you :)
    peace friend