Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Divine Conference

When we are a healers in essence, whether we work as one or not, some days we are more influenced by outer energies than usual. Of course we have free will, we can choose to block things out. My experience of doing so is that it either stunts my growth or results in missed opportunities. The Divine in its infinite wisdom knows what I need when and graciously provides me with it just at the right time. All that is required of me is to pay attention, listen and flow with it.

We all incarnate with a purpose and gifts that allow us to fulfill that purpose. When our incarnation purpose is to be a healer we have built in mechanisms that allow our energy systems to tune into energies outside of our own systems in a very refined way. We really need to honor this process and allow for the times when we are tuned into other frequencies, make space for them, create a life style that allows for the ebb and flow of the energies around us.

I allowed too many people to have access to me around this Equinox and now I am paying the price with a migraine headache resulting from the influx of energy I was meant to tune into and receive being blocked.

If I was a sales person everyone would understand that I need to go to a trade show at certain times of year. If I was a farmer I would have to plant and harvest when the seasons dictate. If I was pregnant I would have to drop all other responsibilities and give birth at a certain point. If I was an MD everyone in my life would make time for me to attend professional conferences. My work is low key and often hidden. But what I learned this month is that the special times in the year when energy is graciously made available to me by the Divine, I am going to show up for that conference.

Does YOUR lifestyle allow you to be available for your divine conferences?

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  1. You couldn't have put that any better. I've tried to explain just that with my family & friends and although they listen, they don't really fully understand. From now on though, I am showing up for that conference too!!

    Love & Light,