Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inward and Upward

I went inward with the last new moon and I don't seem to have come out of that space yet! Some physical activity has been possible, including unexpected travels and changes of circumstances. I am not sure what universal energy is doing at the moment. It feels gentle, very powerful and purposeful at the same time. Full of possibilities and awakenings. It feels as if the deepest structure of my being is changing. Definitely a time of ascension, of raising of our vibration. Others have reported this to me. Usually in few words as they are also taken with their own deep learning.

Of course with new learning come the usual letting go, grieving, moving on, moving house/state/job. Needing to eat well and sleep a lot to integrate all this.

My astrologer friend in England tells me the opportunity for change and for big issues feeling personal is here for another 4 days.

My own guidance says the huge wave that started with the June solstice is going to be very active till the September equinox.

Are you in a buoyant space? In an inner space? in a revelation space? In an accelerated growth space? What are you learning? What is changing for you? Let me know in your comment! Together we learn. And I am still delighting in my work so if you need support through all this: email or call and make an appointment!

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  1. Sophie - I have been in both a revelation space and an accelerated growth space. I've been becoming more and more aware of so many different things!

    I am looking forward to your next 2nd Sunday with Sophie!

    Michelle @mmangen