Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Life Belongs to the Divine

I keep thinking that my life is mine when really it has not been mine for a very long time. I realized years ago that most of what happens in my life is archetypal. I am human so of course whenever something worthy of note happens, good or bad, I believe that it's all about meeee, me, me, me. If it's good I rejoice and believe I am a great ____ fill the blank: mother, teacher, wife, lover, healer. If the occurrence is painful I think "Why me?" go into my cave to regroup and avoid further wounding while I heal.

After a few days I venture out of my euphoric or safe space and start cautiously sharing with the people I trust. And it happens every time: most of my healing friends and colleagues have just gone through some variation of the essence of what happened to me, at exactly the same time. We were riding the same wave of planetary consciousness.

That is when I remember that my life has not been mine for a long time. My life belongs to Divine Will. I forget it because I am not steeped in a Christian or religious tradition that would remind me of it regularly. But my life is merged, absolutely and totally, with the essence of the Divine making itself manifest on Earth and my work is always archetypal. Next time I forget this and take the pleasure or the pain personally, will one of you good friends please remind me really kindly and gently?

From the Heart of God, I love YOU!

PS: Someone just asked: "is there free will for you Sophie?"
Yes there is. The thing I have been coming to terms with over the past two weeks is that apparently I agreed to all this, to be part of this planetary awakening, to ride the energy waves with everyone else, to do work that is archetypal. I know it's not 'apparently', When I go into deep meditation, I remember, I know I agreed to it. A long time ago, in the eternal now.

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  1. We are all a part of something greater than ourselves....

    Better known as: Something Greater Than Ourselves.

    Thanks for the reminder my friend.