Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today Was Love

So we found out what today was made of and that was most definitely love! Thursday will do that to you and connect you to Universal Love most weeks if you let yourself be carried away into it of course. But today was particularly lovely and several friends commented about it on and off line.

Something loving and supportive happened unexpectedly every couple of hours, involving strangers as well as friends from all over the country, some old some new. I learned much and smiled a lot which is good because I am at the end of a rough three weeks.

So I hope you caught the glitter. I do think that we turned a corner yesterday. Relax and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. are ready for this...Thusday was the best day ever !! the clinic flowed with precision, every client was a superb one, a grateful one, every call was from people raving about us, every contact with we with the world that day was a good one, even the few sad things, were only sad in saying goodbye to very very old pets, no trauma, no drama just gratitude flowing back and forth :)