Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering Oneness

I have been wondering why there are so many different individuals channeling so many different beings (you know: like Esther Hicks with Abraham). They all have different names but their messages are very similar in essence and their energies feel very similar to me. All very sweet, supportive, practical, to the point.

So I asked.

And I was told that when we tried to access the Divine through centralized organized religions the damage to out hearts and creativity was tremendous. So this time the Divine is making sure that the information we need to access in order to awaken as a collective remembering its way to Oneness is spread among as many individuals as possible. One truth, many voices.

I have been noticing for the past 10 years that dozens of people spontaneously receive similar information. Some monetize, some don't. Some live by it, some don't. Some spread the knowledge in books and audios, some don't. But it's the same message all right:

We are remembering Oneness

We come from Love and we are forever returning to Love

We are the creator and the created

We are remembering that we are at the forefront of creation in expansion

Fear and negative emotions stand in the way of our contributing to the expansion of creation

We are individually responsible for the collective and changing ourselves changes the whole

It's s quite simple really.

And there's nothing new.

Difference is: we are starting to listen, to understand and to use those simple truths in our everyday lives. That's what we are calling Planetary Awakening.

I love you, beautiful aspects of the Oneness!


  1. Love you too Sophie!
    Amazing post! Thank you!!
    The timing was awesome too - have you heard of the Humanity's Team Oneness Day Petition?
    It's our "Sprint to the Finish" and you posted this on one of the 3 sprint days!!!
    Pretty damn cool i thought.
    In the spirit of oneness!
    Much Love!

    Matt x

  2. Hi Matthew!
    No, I did not consciously know. But I can't say that I am surprised. :o) You are right: it is pretty cool!
    I always was a sprinter! lol! Learning long distance as I mature.
    Love you,