Friday, April 23, 2010

What is Your Baseline?

I talked yesterday about our ups and downs and it occurred to me recently during a session with a client that it is important to be aware of our current baseline in order to understand our ups and downs.

Our baseline varies with circumstances, health and age.

After we studied for finals, had a baby or got divorced, our base line is lower. So we look 'down' to other people more easily and more often. We might be on one of our 'up' days but because at that time of our lives our baseline is much lower than most people's, they are wondering what is 'wrong' with us.

The same is true of individuals who have auto-immune disorders. So go easy on them! What looks to you like a bad day might be their best day of the week! Support them in enjoying that and celebrate their victory with them, even if for you it's an every day occurrence.

With much love and patience, we create support together.

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