Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creation in Motion

What desire drives you? Is it the desire to love more? The desire to BE love? To love the Divine and be at one with it? To experience Love on Earth?

If it is, then let Love carry you. Again. And again. Into compassion.

The day you die, how much of Love will you have become? How much of you will be Love?
How much love will you have created and will you be taking back to the Creator when you merge back into Source?

Speak your love softly and watch life create itself.

What does the Divine desire? What do YOU create when you desire?

Let Love carry you. Again. And again. Into compassion.

The emotion of Love creates the motion of life.

When you experience Love you experience creation.

When you are Love you experience the Divine unfolding, creating itself from its mystery, into eternity.

Awareness is Love. Gratitude is Love. Trust is Love. From which we create more Love.

What is YOUR driving desire?


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And such a great companion to the post I made about compassion. Wise and wonderful words, Sophie!! Thank you!

  2. Very true! I enjoyed that post of yours. :o) Thank you so much for reading Jen!