Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ups and Downs

Everyone has their ups and downs. That is because we are pure energy and energy works/travels in waves. Up and down like a wave.
When we are 'down' we haven't done anything 'wrong'. We are at the bottom of the wave. Things will pick up, guaranteed, particularly if you acknowledge the wave and just let it be.

We become 'depressed' when we think that being at the bottom of the wave is 'bad'. So we attach a story to it and that story sinks us. It stops us from coming back up.

Being hyper because we think that the up, the crest of the wave, is the only acceptable or productive way to be does not help any more. It is just as unrealistic and does not give us any down time or allow us to rest.

The downs are good to rest but also to go within, to be more introspective and to seed new ideas.

The ups are more about doing, about expanding into the world. And the downs are more about being.

We all have our own rhythms, the seasons create rhythms and our culture creates different pressure at different times.

Embrace the downs as well as the ups, I say. Breathe through them and allow yourself to just BE sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. wow what a wonderful way to explain it
    the flow of the waves of thoughts
    of life and the emoitons we attach to them

    awake aware allowing

    and remembering to tell myself that this to shall pass

    thanks for your shining your wisdom and healing waves in the world