Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling Someone Else's Energy

Tonight I was telling a lovely friend how I realized what my gift is: I attune people to a higher vibration, just by being with them. Her response was : "YOU DO! Tune people to a new higher frequency. I felt it. You are so multi-dimensional." She reminded me how last August she offered to show me her world.

I had been worried about something since childhood and she said: "No need to worry! The world is wonderful and safe. Take my hand and I will walk you through these gardens, I will show you how lovely it is here at night."

She remembers: "You took my hand as we walked back to the hotel... and said, "Is this how you see the world?" And, I knew, you really saw the world through my eyes. It was the most incredible experience."

I really did see the world through her eyes. And it WAS a most incredible experience to experience the gardens through her perception. The smells were sweeter and more intense, I was at peace. For the first time in my life I felt young, little, safe and loved in a world full of promise.

In that moment she healed my inner child more deeply than any therapist ever had. Because she loved me enough to want to share her world with me, with an open heart and because I trusted her enough to let her take care of me.

I think of her often and am endlessly inspired by her sparkly love for life. What I did not know until tonight was that it was an important moment for her as well.
She says: "I have been given the gift to show others this world...but... you were the first person, who reacted, just by holding my hand. Now that is a higher vibrational level..."

So in receiving from her I also gave to her. One heart.

And you see: it IS quite possible to feel/read/perceive someone else's energy. I felt my friend's and she was clearly aware of my feeling it. We shared her vision of the world for a moment.
Energy is real and it is contagious.
I am safe and forever expanding in a world of infinite possibilities.


  1. Dearest Sophie,
    You do indead attune people to higher frequencies with your presence. I can still feel the light and unconditional love all over in myself in in our wonderful, beautiful world. Thank you for being such a bright light in my life :) Love,

  2. You are so welcome Nancy! Because with you as with my friend in this story, the energy goes back and forth and we both benefit and learn and receive and give in every interaction, which is how it should be in all loving respectful interactions.
    Thank you for healing me and for teaching me Nancy!