Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thinning of the Veils

As usual I am not exactly sure what is going on but I am sure that there is a thinning of the veils and an opening of portals at the moment. Which means that we are all being given many opportunities to transform ourselves and to raise our vibration. The journey remains personal, the awakening is collective. I used to think it was planetary. Now I see that it is in the whole of Creation.

It is quite unsettling and is forcing us to let go of more baggage fast, to speak our truth even more than before, to flush out old ideas, to let go. Did we really still have very much to let go of?

Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is really kidding themselves right now, let me tell you this much!

Don't look at me for definite answers because we are creating as we answer but I am happy to hold the vibration with you and to create a loving heart space as we raise our vibration together!

In our linear time we are running out of time in the old paradigm and about to be born into the next dimension. Remember that in the eternal present all is well.

Thankfully angels are very, very present and available to assist us as we do our work in our human bodies. Call on them liberally and if you are stuck, as I was for the past several days, ask another who communicates with angels to help reconnect you, protect you and support you. You deserve it and we all need each other to do our best work right now.

I love you.

We are One and together we learn. Through us the Divine knows itself. We are creation, created and Creator.


  1. Yes Yes Yes I agree 100%. It is time for transformational of all our old patterns. I was with my neighbour last night working with the angels as we were both struggling and what came to me was its time now to let go of my family inheritance and own and allow my spiritual inheritance to be my truth. And as I focus on this I can feel the family conditioning fall away and I am standing strong clear knowing who I am with the angels lovingly around me. I need to remind myself of this all the time!
    Thanks Sophie for holding the vibration, for radiating love and for your wise words that resonate with me.
    Love and blessings

  2. I read your tweet
    what I would give to have my wings back

    I've been awake for 1 hour and in that hour
    I have gone through almost every emotion
    starting my day with
    I want to just be energy again
    no demands on my time
    no house to care for
    to animals in need, I have an old dog is going to be leaving soon, family who want me, friends I should call, my garden, and I won't even start on the needs of my own body.LOL
    Oh to just be a ball of energy again
    but as I said the words, a bird blew by, singing in the breeze, I looked out my window and saw the beauty of the day.
    I looked at all the things I have, and I looked at the things I want...and realized and laughed... to have what I don't have I must put down some of the things I have.
    So I thank the birdsong for bringing me back to the wonders I love, and the gratitude I have.
    Life is unfolding, change oh yes change is happening, and I am so grateful that the wonders of finding the connections we have has become a priority for me these last couple years.
    Five years ago I would only talk to clients and then just because i had to.
    I wrote a whole thing about how I was connected to all life except humans, that I didn't know how... and that I had to find a way to open that door, and not be afraid. Well Twitter opened the door, and as I like to do with doors I ripped it off and threw it away, so grateful to have come back !
    Thanks as always for being an angel shining in the world:)

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly Jo! Your spiritual inheritance is invaluable, a true planetary gem waiting to blossom even further. What you embody is SO needed now my Darling!

    I am so glad you can feel how strong and available the angelic presence is at the moment! And how lucky you are to work with angels with your neighbor! I remember when I wanted to be your neighbor. :o) We are still heart neighbors, I feel. :o)

    Love you and miss you, beautiful woman of Universal Peace!

  4. Thank you Dear June for being honest, open and loving as usual! And thank you for reminding me, as you do, of the parts of me that have gone to sleep or that I am blind to in that moment.
    I wrote this yesterday when I was intensely wishing to be pure Light and energy. And today, like you, I remembered the pleasure of being surrounded by the physical beauty and pleasure of Earth's nature. Keep at me! Together we stay balanced. I am so grateful that you flung that door open and found me standing on the other side of where the door used to be.