Friday, April 9, 2010

How Do we Create What we Consciously Want?

"How do we create only what we consciously want?"

  1. the very first thing is to find out what our soul purpose is because easy manifestation only happens when the specifics of what we wish to create in our everyday life is aligned to our general soul purpose/incarnation objective
  2. we create a specific intention that is aligned to the core of our soul purpose
  3. we find the blocks in our unconscious programming that prevent alignment between soul, emotions & intention
  4. we remove them
  5. sometimes we download a positive pattern we were lacking
  6. we just watch life force flow where we used to be stuck

It's that simple: for the most part, we JUST REMOVE THE BLOCKS. We go to the Quantum Field where all creation is being created in the eternal present and decide to remove the block.

If what we desire IS aligned with our soul purpose, then the block to what we want is often an old idea:
  • a feeling or emotion we absorbed from our parents/carers as infant 'sponges'
  • something we were taught
  • something we used to want
  • a decision we made in the past that served us well then and it does not anymore.

Whatever it is, it is now obsolete and it stands in the ways of what we consciously want to create. We need to remove it to keep energy and love flowing.

Energy never disappear, it just is. So we don't make the block disappear as such: we transmute it. We change it into something else. We dissolve what is now perceived as negativity back into love so we can shape it again into something else. That is why the energy of St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame are so helpful in this process: St Germain was an alchemist and the violet ray is the energy of transmutation.

The quantum field is non-judgemental and infinitely malleable. In the quantum field your life is like putty in your hands, you can sculpt your brain and forever reshape your energy system. So the main question is not so much HOW do you change energy and thinking patterns? That is done through intention and I can easily teach you that in one of my workshops. The real questions are:

What blocks do YOU want to remove so your desires can blossom? What pain do YOU want to dissolve back into love today?


  1. Hi Sophie, You say: "the very first thing is to find out what our soul purpose is"

    How do we go about finding that?

  2. Thank you for asking such a great question Nancy! I think we sit still a lot and listen to guidance. Then we follow our intuition to try various things out. As we go we gather skills, experiences and lessons that are the building blocks to where we are going. If we do our best in everything we try, the part of our life/activity that we soar in, that 'happens', that makes us happy or that we are most comfortable in: that is our soul's purpose. Except sometimes we are really uncomfortable with it before we become comfortable. I'll write a whole post about it tomorrow!

  3. Maria asked me by DM on Twitter: "What process do you use with your clients to "remove the blocks" that stop them from manifesting what they REALLY want? Just curious."

    A variety of things: mostly intention. Also taking their pattern to the Matrix to change. Dissolving negativity into the Heart of God.
    Violet Flame transmutation. Straight Reiki. Kundalini Reiki. Aromatherapy. Flower essences. I call the whole thing Quantum Healing.