Friday, April 16, 2010

The Light is Right There!

I only have a few minutes but I really want to say something about what is happening this week: the energy is really pushing to change fast again. It feels to me as if the earth is re-aligning itself and in so doing giving us the space to do the same.

A lot of people seem to have had a challenging week and FaceBook is full of people talking about eating chocolate today! We must all need comfort!

The good thing is that:
  • I am becoming aware of more and more individuals awakening in the last few days.
  • Others are more comfortable showing their talents and strengths
  • many seem to be finding balance between spirituality and everyday life
  • The angels are really present, available and helpful!
  • the Light is RIGHT THERE: ready to become you and enlighten you in your body!


Let me know what is going on for you: Good week? Hard week? Challenges? Feeling exhausted? A lot happening spiritually or emotionally? Together we learn, support and Love!

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