Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Sacrifice For Me

Please do not sacrifice for me. Love me joyfully, love me in plenty, love me AFTER you love YOU. Create for me and with me.

But please, please, please, please, please: do not sacrifice for me. Do not, ever, create lack in your own life in order to provide for me.


Do not create resentment in your life that you can later use against me because you sacrificed and deprived yourself for me. Do not ever think that you are better than me because you created suffering in your own life.

It's really simple: if it's a sacrifice: DON'T DO IT!!

Don't spread the pain and the misery.

Do NOT, ever, use me as an excuse for your own suffering.

When I look at it as an energy pattern , sacrifice strangles a person's energy. Sacrifice looks narrow and straight. Like a long tall narrow bottle without curves. I don't fit in that narrow space of energy.

There is enough for everybody.

There is a plenty of all the love, energy and resources that we could possibly need in our everyday lives.

There is always a way to flow, to make the magic happen, to jive, to harmonize, to watch prosperity and opportunities unfold if only we let them.

So please, when you love me, create with me and for me. When you create in my name, share from abundance. Create beauty, more respect, more opportunities. Work WITH me on creating wealth. Give to me WITH JOY. TEACH me what you know about abundance and growth and nature. MIRROR for me the myriad opportunities of the world, the endless love of the Divine, the joy and laughter of little children, the beauty of the rose, the joy of compassion, the bliss of eternity.

If you respect me please create from love and abundance WITH me and I will gladly receive.

Thank you.

Share the bliss, the love, the smile.


  1. Thank you. Poignant, and magical. YES! So clearly and beautifully stated. I am going to keep this near me so I can remember, forget and then have the gift of remembering AGAIN!

    You're awesome :)

  2. Thank you so much for reading and sharing the understanding YoGeek! TOGETHER, we learn, heal and change the world! :o)