Monday, April 12, 2010

In the Music of Silence

In the music of silence
In the sweetness of the Void
I feel the endless possibilities of an eternal moment

In the lightness of here
In the weightlessness of everywhere
I feel myself floating into the Heart of God

In the sadness of here
In the cumbersome knot of linear thoughts
I miss my wings, the lightness of the Void, the brightness of the Light

Fullness of the Divine now
Endless light of acceptance
Embrace us that I may again be the wings that lovingly
vibrated out of the Void

PS: I am all better today. :o) Thank you for the emails, FB messages, DMs & phone calls, for the outpouring of sweet, sweet love and wonderful support! You guys just say the nicest things. You all have such a way with words: you melt my heart!
This poem was written on Saturday as I still had mixed feelings about being both human and angelic.

From Matthew in England:
Thank you Matthew!
"You are the star, the dreamer, the creator of your destiny. Unfold your wings and weave your magic." Adele Basheer
"Soar above the world into the wonder that you are. You are higher than the mountain tops and brighter than the sun." Toni. Carmine Salerno

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