Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Do I Still Need Healing?

We only need healing to correct physical disease or emotional and spiritual dis-ease, the disruption of being at ease. We need healing when something has gone wrong in this beautiful magical body of ours. The physical body or the emotional or mental body. There are so many layers!

Our body, with all its hormones, emotions and moods is the end product of our intention. Our body is the lower vibration of the loving light that we are at our core. In other words, what our soul and mind intend to be is reflected in and created in our layers of human body.

Ok, so if my intention is to have a good life, to be loved and loving and I think : "I want to be healthy" and "I love life" why do I still get headaches, skin rashes, allergies, depression, cancers or strokes?

That is because while some of what we manifest comes from our conscious mind, most of our reality is created by our unconscious programming: our early childhood experiences, our family karma, our DNA, our soul's incarnation purpose. These programs are automatic and run the show in the background. Most of the time we are not even aware of their presence.We are who we are and we take that for granted. Most of the time we don't even imagine that we could be different. "I was born that way" or "It runs in my family" or "You can 't go against your nature" we say to each other to justify the way we all suffer together. There is great camaraderie born out of suffering together. Have you noticed? Sometimes we even make better friends when we are sick than when people think we are strong. But that is the topic of another post!

Of course our conscious thoughts also have great power. Because we are all creators of our own life, whether we know it or not. We become even more powerful creators when we understand and use the Law of Attraction, affirmations, visualization, meditation, lucid dreaming, yoga and Qi-Gong to name a few.
All the beautiful Eastern, Ancient and New Age techniques we have discovered, learned and practiced with devotion. We've been doing this for years! My personal favorites have been yoga, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki, Seichim, Kinesiology, crystals, oils... You get the picture. How much we have learned, how much we all know! How hard we have all worked at our healing. Surely we deserve it by now and we do not need any more healing! Right?

So I'll ask again: why is it not happening? Why aren't we whole and healthy and creating joyfully? Yet?

In many cases we have learned just enough to manage. To make our lives comfortable. We have rounded the sharp edges, learned to get on with people. Or with ourselves. Our lives are much better than they used to be. I agree with you. They are. In some cases we have even healed ourselves form asthma or cancer. Or we made a fortune. But most of us are now in a push-pull situation where we attract health and repel it at at he same time and don't always earn enough. Where we want to lose weight but we still crave the rich foods. We attract a loving mate but we still display repulsive angry or jealous behavior. Or we have the money, the figure, the mate and we are still discontent or sad or lonely.

That is why we still need healing: to finish what we so eagerly started. We still need healing so we can dismantle the last, the hidden, the stubborn unconscious programming. We need 2.0 healing. We need magical, instant, easy healing. We need to heal in the quantum field where all we need is to change our intention to remove a block and to create joy and peace. In the past 10 years or so a number of extremely effective, instantaneous healing methods have appeared. I'll review them in another post.

So, do YOU think that you still need some healing? Some 2.0 healing straight from the Quantum Field maybe?
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