Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Owns Your Time?

Who owns your time?

Do you own your time? And therefore do you own yourself?

Does your tribe own you? Do you do what your peers (friends, colleagues, family or neighbors) expect? Can you bear the thought of doing anything that would lead them to decide that they feel betrayed? Do you vacation where they expect you to? Do you eat food that makes you sick because they give it to you?

Does your career own you? Do you do things for your career advancement that are detrimental to your health, your family, your children's development, your self-respect?

Do your parents still own you? Are you still abiding by your childhood standards even when you know they hurt you or undermine your chosen lifestyle?

Do you respond to the fear that lives in your reptilian brain? Does your desire to avoid fear drive what you do and don't do and so own much of your time?

Do your children own you? Do you do what they want or expect even when they don't need you to?

Does the bank own your time and therefore you because you are so far in debt?

Does money own you because you chose it over creativity, time, health, rest, respect?

Do old unconscious patterns from early life own you and create painful situations that keep repeating themselves?

At some point of my life I have answered yes to all of the above. As I mature the trick seems to be able to know which mode I am in at any given moment. And to try to own myself and my time by making decisions that are loving for myself so that I have extra love to give and share. Overflowing, abundant, joyful love.

Anything that comes between you and love, between you and creativity, between you and the life you really desire owns you and your time. Anything that enhances and fosters your creative and loving desires, you own and you create joy when you give it time.

So, who owns YOUR time? And are you happy with the situation?

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