Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angel Presence

I learned several years ago that whatever I go through spiritually is a reflection of what is going on 'in the universe'. I obviously go with the general flow.

So considering the visits, feelings and messages I have been having for the past 10 days I will say that ANGELS and ARCHANGELS are VERY present at the moment (See my post earlier this week). In large numbers and making themselves very accessible. This is being confirmed by friends and other healers. It is clear that we currently need protection because we are on the move again and in the process of changing deeply again.

I am feeling very inspired, my guidance is crystal clear.
I am very connected to others, to the whole, to Oneness. I can feel what others feel more than ever before. I think something and it will come out of someone else's mouth within the hour, several times a day. I ask a question and the answer appears, in an email, a tweet or an article, that day. Same old thing, but FASTER and CLEARER.

What is this transformation about?

  • looking after ourselves properly. Sounds simple, right? But pay close attention to that one as it is the foundation for everything else in our lives
  • taking responsibility for what we have created, are creating and will create
  • being shown how much of an illusion time and space are, if we are open to it

I think that right now in our human time, the ETERNAL NOW is open to those who know how to access it, more easily than ever before in the history of creation unfolding. The Creator is asking for our input. We are the Creator as well as its Creation unfolding and now is the time to take responsibility for our every action, thought and wish.

Think positive thoughts only and humbly remind each other daily!


  1. Sophie, Thank you for this posting. I've been telling people there's something going on all week, because the ways in which I can feel it are HUGE. I am taking in new high vibration energy and releasing old shadow energy that no longer serves my highest good. Whew! Anyhow- your words here are just lovely. Very well said. Peace & Love!

  2. I just found your comment Kim. It's nearly a month later but the energy is still really strong!