Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things that keep me going: Inspiration

I am often asked how I keep going.

The first thing I do is to constantly look for inspiration.

1- My main inspiration comes from the Divine, of course.

It comes to me through:
  • angels
  • guidance
  • other healers' readings, sessions and advice
  • dreams
  • walking meditation
  • sitting meditation
  • trusted friends' comments
  • Reiki sessions I give myself
  • prayer (which is more of a request for me than an open meditation)
How do I receive the messages from angels and guides?

Mostly I FEEL that I should do something. Go somewhere, enter a store, pick up a book from my shelf at home, phone someone, post a specific tweet at a certain time. Or I feel what another person is feeling.

If I missed the subtle feeling, the information will come as a VERY CLEAR VOICE. It's not always the same voice, because it's not always from the same guide or angel. But those voices have a clarity, authority, tone that are very specific, recognizable and different from my 'inner chatter'.

After years of resisting hearing those voices and being plagued by migraine headaches, I eventually gave in; the migraines disappeared overnight & life is so much easier with someone, who knows better, telling me what to do!

Recently I have been having more KINESTHETIC EXPRERIENCES. Yesterday I felt as if I was being gently pushed towards my bookcase. It felt like an archangel's wing. Large, very protective, gentle, determined. I noticed a book I have had for 15 months and never opened. The answer to my current issue was right there in that book.

Another source of inspiration comes from my friends. I surround myself with friends who are open-minded, have a deep heart, accept my spirituality, support my parenting, understand my way of life. Remember: energy is contagious so the vibration of those around you affects how you feel, what you think and therefore how you conduct your life. You deserve to be supported in your every day life so you can be your best you!

3- I read inspirational tweets, inspirational books, I watch videos and read blogs from great modern thinkers, whether I agree with them or not: it keeps my brain cells wondering, wandering and vibrating!
I will be sharing with you some of the books, articles & videos I find inspirational when they cross my path.

From you! My clients and my readers' lives are endlessly fascinating and inspirational!

What do YOU find inspirational? Please leave a comment below, share with me and inspire me!

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