Monday, March 1, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 4: Last Day

On hearing that I was juice feasting my wonderful friend Alice said: "You're so good to your bod already, seems like. Purely Sophie. Should be in a bottle. I'd buy some! What toxins could you possibly have if you eat mostly raw and juicing already?"

1- I do eat MOSTLY raw: 70% in winter, 50% in the holidays
to be socially acceptable (more on this here)... and about 90% in summer.

I am not overly worried about what I normally eat. I think my body does stay pretty balanced with it. Recently I was anxious and ate a lot more cooked food than usual for a couple of months so that does need to be detoxed.

2- I really wanted to reach and eliminate old, old toxins that were deeply entrenched.
They were only going to be released when I was ready to release the old emotions attached to them.
On the second day of my Juice Feast I had many breakthroughs and realizations. I felt that I had reached what I needed to with this detox. I had reached the next level of awareness on my journey.

I kept going because I had planned to. Stubborn, me? Never! Again I would have done well to listen to my guidance (Are we on a theme here? I think so!) because on Day 4 my body rebelled and I decided to go back to my normal diet.

I am grateful that I have achieved what I set out to do.
I am glad that what used to take 3 weeks now happens in 2 days! Which means that overall my body is fairly clear and very responsive.

Any comments and questions are welcome below!

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  1. I'm on day 2, in heavy detox! It's all good, the body is healing itself. Follow my progress at
    Feeling Good is good enough!