Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Protected Feminine Energy Today

Because of the energies that are at play today it is a very good day to do Goddess work & to connect with the Feminine aspect of the Divine in a safe & protected way. So it is a good day to resolve whatever relationship upsets arose last Friday. I noticed last week-end a lot of relationships being volatile. Many women telling me they were feeling lonely. Some were revisiting old relationships and mentioned feeling betrayed, used or guilty. There was a whole bag of old negative emotions being kicked up around the full moon.


So we can let go of all that and move on!

So we can make a clear space to create from.

I know of several of us who did just that!

In romantic relationships in particular, today's energy is safe because it is balanced between the male and female energy. Safety is conducive to a loving and therefore honest dialogue.

That's right: when you are being completely loving, you are being completely in truth. Love is where we come from, where we are going back to and what we are.

When you are feeling loved enough to be vulnerable and safe at the same time, you can communicate your truth and hear/receive the other person's truth.

You don't need to fix anything at this stage. You only need to sit in love and with truth and see what is resolved. See what happens next or comes to your heart-mind next.

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