Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday's Angels

I had two very clear angel encounters on Saturday.

1- I was emotionally upset. A current situation was stirring up old childhood pain. It is my intention to stay in joy and away from those old wounds. So I asked for help with the pain.

Nearly instantly I felt surrounded, supported, soothed. The pain was literally lifted from my heart. My whole body relaxed. The pain in my left shoulder lessened dramatically (today the Physical Therapist could not believe how much better it was from last week).

The greatest peace settled in my heart, in my mind. I was content to the core of my being where a minute previously I had been thrashing negative ideas.

Without questioning, I gave thanks, settled back into enjoying life and got on with the day.

2- A few hours later I felt a large wing gently push my right shoulder and guide me towards my book shelf. A book I have had for 15 months and had forgotten about caught my attention. As soon as I noticed the book the sense of touch stopped on my shoulder and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. The angelic presence was pleased and was sharing that feeling with me.

I had no idea what the book was. I opened it and one paragraph put an end to 2 moths of wondering about my work:
"Here's my suggestion to the skeptics and "experts", for a refreshing change of pace. We're done proving there's life after death. We've proven it well past our own satisfaction. From now on, let's do it this way: you prove that there's not." Sylvia Browne

Thank you to my wonderful angels, my team, for the reassurance, the presence, the company, the teachings, the guidance.

Thank YOU for reading!

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