Thursday, July 30, 2009

Angelic Human Race

A friend just sent me this about Planetary Awakening and Human Angels. He sent it to me because as he was watching it my face appeared to him and he felt he had to pass this on to me.

When I watched it I burst into tears of relief that someone was explaining who I am with such accuracy. There is more to me now than just being a human angel. Through lifetimes on Earth I am also a human being and more recently have most definitely started embodying the Goddess, aka the Divine Feminine. But being an Angel is my true basic nature as far back as I can remember.

If the video strikes a chord with you, please leave a comment below. And if you know someone that you feel you need to send it to, please just forward the link of this blog post or that video to them! You don't know how much you might help them.

(Warning: if you don't like Enya, I love you anyway: switch the sound off and just watch and read)

What do YOU think? Leave me a comment!


  1. Sophie --

    "If you don't like Enya ..." You're funny.

    -- Daniel

  2. That was beautiful...I love Enya...the music makes me feel wonderful and floating through the universe. I felt a sense of warmth come over me...and smiled gratefully. Thank you!

  3. Well, I happen to like Enya but I know some very nice people who are irritated by her music. I did not want the music to stop them from receiving this very deep and important message. :o)

  4. Hi Sophie!! :)

    that video sure did strike a chord with me. A postive one I might add. Thanks by the way for the vid and the blog :) I think the world is full of lightworkers and Angels. And it is time for them to shine and inspire people to embrace their spirituality. I do believe it is the dawn of a new age. Things can only get better for humankind. It is a great time to be alive on earth to witness this. Hey Sophie I'm so glad to have met you on Twitter. I'm always grateful to meet other fellow spiritualists, well you know what I mean. Gosh I could delve into spirituality forever. Love it so much. Gosh what a journey its been so far for me!! Boy oh boy :) Anyway, hey I will catch on twitter or facebook sometime. All the best to you,take care. Marcel :):)