Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Energy Healing Peace

After days of tension we had some peace for a very short while and before I could blog about the quiet time and how peaceful it was the next wave started again at about 7PM EST today.

THANK YOU to all who took the time to share in response to my last Energy Healing Upgrade post : together we support, reassure and create a new peace! Your comments are in italics.

  • needing extra sleep and naps because: "I feel an exhaustion, nervous system overstimulated--even though there is not a lot on the outside that I am doing. It is exhausting 'just to be.' " (Thank you Johanna!)
  • "tingling not only in my head but also fingers and toes": yes, lots of activity in the crown chakra where we are receiving the information AND in the legs and feet where we are grounding ourselves to earth the extra energy and receive the support of mother earth
  • 'hormonal' type of feeling such as: feeling like extreme PMT, crying easily, putting on 10lbs in a few days and losing it all overnight, mood swings, feeling 'like a teenager', skin breaking out
  • the 'contractions' feel very much like birthing contractions: pressure on the heart, diaphragm, abdomen, lower back and spine. Women are reporting feeling those. Wonder if the men are as well?

  • computers crashing for a lot of people: " I finally shut down my computer and went home for the day." and: " My hard-drive on my computer went."
  • "moments of extreme inability to focus. Pure moments of near insanity :) " including: finding it hard to remember time, where we parked the car etc. The ability to type seems to have improved however.
  • " It seems like I don't have enough room to live; like things are closing in on me. I'm purging old things I don't wear or use."

  • "I sleep often and let myself sleep whenever I feel the urge." That's what many of us have been doing!
  • "letting it run its course..." Thank you for the wise advice Pattie!
  • "release everything certainly is helping to refocus"
  • Get rid of all clutter, on your computer, in your closets, in your house or office: When we look at or use things that we have outgrown they remind us of the past they belong to and keep us anchored there. Having those objects around encourage us to create nostalgia or resentment and keep part or our energy engaged at the vibrational level that we were at that time. The fewer reminders of the past we have around us the easier it is to vibrate at the level that you are meant to be at NOW.
  • "My diet has shifted to greater simplicity..."
  • be mindful to stay protected psychically, emotionally and PHYSICALLY so you are not affected by other people's mood swings and violent outbursts. Ask angels and friends to look out for you.

  • Feeling wonderful & very peaceful in between waves
  • increased creativity for many
  • shedding old patterns with ease
  • faster emotional healing
  • manifesting is much faster

the waves of energy are going to keep coming for the next 3 months. They are very much like birth contractions. With each one we are being brought to a higher, finer vibrational level.

  • grounded
  • aware
  • centered
  • grateful
  • loving
The change is so momentous that it is only revealed one step at a time and as much as we can cope with in each moment.
The transformation affects each one of us in a very personal way, depending on what we still need to change or learn.

What are YOU going through at the moment? Share in a comment below!


  1. Sophie, I have been aware of and feeling this huge energy shift for months now. I am certainly glad that it is only being revealed one step at a time because the affects that I am experiencing are so intense. In the last few days, the pain in my lower back can only be described as being like labour pain. I have headaches, I keep dropping things and tripping over. I am getting irritable over little things that don't matter & want to be on my own. My desire to just lie down and sleep is incredible.

  2. We here in the Dickinson home can second the feelings/emotions/symptoms etc.

    It has been an intense time of renewal - so we are grateful.

    Frank and RuthAnn

  3. Oh MY! Thursday I tweeted about tech issues I was having for the first time ever! A fax failed 3 times, an email attachment would not attach, my balcony door would not open. I had no idea why.

    Friday I woke up and started cleaning, purging, recycling, throwing stuff out etc all morning. Then I went to the beach and hung out with a friend who played music on his guitar and we sang along .. for hours! So relaxing and peaceful.

    Sat, got up and took out old pix and cards from a relationship that ended 1.5 years ago and got a bit sad as I decided it was time to let them go. Burned some, tore some up.

    I also meditated for the first time in years, on Thurs and Fri. Feel very peaceful, unattached and calm. Had no idea the cosmic upgrades were still going on! Gosh I am so attuned, love it :D

    Thanks for the post

  4. Sophie,

    Thank you thank you Thank you !!! clearly stating what the heck is happening. To me and to my loved ones. Now if they'd only listen... Sigh.


  5. Thanks Sophie.
    I've ordered a dumpster! At night my brain resembles the process of peeling a banana over and over and over...removing the layers of clutter. It's like shedding multiple layers of old thoughts, patterns down the most simpliest form of non thought..then you reply "oh wow...really!"
    Last night didn't sleep much, bam up at 2 ish again like a reoccuring dream. The theme was processing the art of "letting go" but not to be confuse with "giving up"..sometimes it can be challenging for me to distinguish between the two....just letting go and "allowing" withot the old man "fear" creeping up from wonderful! So my nightly pray is practicing the art of detachment..."these feelings will soon pass" reminding myself "it is what it is at this moment" then take a deep breath..yah peace!..:)

  6. i have been feeling really tired and so i've just been sleeping when i need to. im so grateful my circumstances right now allow me to do so. i have also noticed weight going up and down. i experienced an energetic healing the beginning of the month where i shed lots of karmic gunk and my hunch had been that the need to sleep was part of the assimilation process. headaches come and go. internally i feel much more alivened at the same time.

    im grateful you are here. thank you.