Friday, July 24, 2009

What I love about Energy Healing

What I love about energy healing is the more I do it/live it the more I see the best in people. So now I consciously arrange my life that way:

1- I moved back to live in a very friendly, safe small town where people really care about each other and each other's kids. It makes my everyday life easier and sweeter.

2- I live in a beautiful corner of the world, close to nature because it's easier for me to do energy work here, stay balanced and thrive spiritually.

3- I am an energy healer which means that in every session and in every workshop I see the absolute best about my clients and students: I see
  • their eternal self which is pure Divine Love
  • their courage to change and heal even from the worst of nightmares
  • their ability to trust
  • their love for life
  • the Divine Light that shines through them
4- I regularly spend time on Twitter where so many individuals choose to be loving, positive and honest. The waves of love, support and respect often leave me with a full heart, a smile on my face and even in tears of joy. No kidding.

5- I only spend social time with positive, loving, respectful individuals.

6- In circumstances I cannot yet control I choose to see the most positive aspect of someone's decisions and behaviors, to feel grateful and to forgive.

I arrange my life so I always see the best in people. It supports me, sustains me, feeds my soul, softens my heart and sweetens my lips. The older I get the more I "have faith in humanity"!

I love you.

How do YOU arrange YOUR life so love, respect and tenderness flow through it daily? Let me know in your comments!


  1. Thanks Sophie for once again spurring thought.

    You have put words to what I have been feeling and doing over the course of the last few months. I allso have a need to arrange my life around who I am and what I do as an Energy Worker.

    In the Spring, we are moving away from the city and to the beauty and smaill town feel of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Like you, we feel the beauty of nature better supports our life and work.

    Twitter has become like a small family eh? I intentionally fill my twitter stream with seekers and like-minded people. Who would have thought that a nutty little site would support and encourage growth?

    You always make me think and reflect.

    For that, and you, I am thankful.


  2. this sounds like somewhere i'd like to be.
    thank you.


  3. Sophie - thank you for the beautiful post....after our emails convos this week I am even happier that I know you and the supportive, helpful person that you are! I can't wait for our session together.