Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Energy Healing Upgrade

We had a short break. Yesterday at noon USA EST the energy became less intense, calmer. Lots of opportunities opened up, a lot of support came forward. I slept beautifully last night and woke up refreshed.

Since 9AM USA EST it feels like the dial has been turned up again and the waves of energy have started coming in again. I have checked with a few others and this is what we are experiencing:

  • Extreme difficulty keeping grounded even for me who is an expert at grounding!
  • feeling of 'contractions' all through the body have started again.
  • Tingling, warm, 'busy' sensation on the top of the head in the crown chakra.
  • it's been near impossible to think in a linear, logical way
  • sense of time is difficult
  • typing and reading are again very difficult. LOTS of typos
  • the urge to clear clutter
  • The essence of things and what matters shows easily
  • being shown what needs to change or be cleared from our energy systems
  • overwhelming urge to sleep at times
  • Electrical appliances blowing a fuse or not working properly: attune them to your new level of vibration
  • swinging from pure bliss and joy to irritability. That could be because being with Spirit is easy today but being in the body and with other people is difficult.

Overall it feels like a torrent of energy. There is no resisting it, I'll just do my best to navigate the raft through the white waters.

What helps:
  • grounding repeatedly
  • eating really healthy food, as pure as you can get and not too much of it
  • drinking lots of water
  • being aware of the changes
  • releasing blocks and old patterns as fast as you can
Let me know what YOU are going through today: leave a comment below!


  1. Again, Sophie, you list all the things I am feeling. I am usually extremely accurate with my typing, but have never experienced so many typos in my life (I am re-typing many of these words even now!) Also, I've had problems with electricity fuses - even my computer! I was at my daughter's sports day this morning & found so many negative feelings running through me that I found it difficult to remain positive with the people around me - this is DEFINITELY NOT me! I can't think properly & want to sleep too!

    Thank you for putting these feelings into something I can understand. As usual, I guess I will just go with the flow.

    Love & light,

  2. Hi
    I'm in the UK and have been following your posts. Very intriguing as people here, reiki practitioners like myself, have also been experiencing things. I've had an intense headache over the last three days, which even reiki and lavender would not shift.
    Have also felt very tired and sometimes being going to bed very early. Irritable, mood swings - it does sound like a bad case of PMT! But then today feel good = calm and serene.
    I did a meditation last night, which left me in floods of tears, distraught and upset like I had a huge hole in my heart. When I came out of it, I felt fine and composed and slept very well.
    Enjoy your writings.
    Love and light