Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Surrender

There is only one thing that is really going to help with the flow of incoming energies and that is: SURRENDER!

We are being pushed this way and that. We are changing fast. Our circumstances are changing: our jobs, how we earn, how we spend, what we value, where we want to live, who we want to live with. The people around us are growing as well. Holding on to what we used to perceive as reality is not going to help.

Resistance is futile and infantile: it will only create more pain! (headaches, back ache, anxiety, etc).
The grown up, mature thing to do is to admit that you don't have a clue what's going on and keep an open mind.

How do we surrender? Gently and slowly so we feel safe through the process:
  1. The first thing to do is to OWN the change. Recognize that the reason this awakening is happening and affecting us so deeply is because we asked for it! We have been complaining about the way things are since for ever and wishing for them to change. Guess what? Things ARE changing.
  2. The second thing is to recognize the Divine hand at work and TRUST that what is happening is for the best. Things might even improve: it's not like what we had was so great or worked so well for everybody, right?
  3. Keep a clear, pure intention and think positive so what you create is for the highest good of all concerned
  4. Stop fighting. Go with the flow. Allow things to happen.
  5. Know, in every cell of your body, that you are at one with the Divine.
  6. Dissolve into love

This is not theory: this is practice! This is how I live!

Go on, try it! Close your eyes, breathe deep and allow. Surrender. Allow what? Nothing in particular. Just allow. Surrender. Allow yourself to grow into being more of who you really are: Divine Love in the motion of creating itself. It feels lovely, warm, supportive.
Trust and divine love are very real, very physical sensations. That is why we are here: for the Divine Light to incarnate (means to come into the flesh). And being human is one of the divine manifestations. En-JOY!

If you have any blocks with any of this: send me an email or give me a call: I can help. Really!

What do YOU need to let go of to allow and surrender? Let me know in your comments: we are all learning together!


  1. Letting go is hard to do. I can do it with the little things and I find things almost instantly change. It's the big life situations I struggle with.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

  2. Sophie, I feel you so strongly. My whole chest area is so warmly saturated. I love the feeling of surrender. It gives the feeling of FREEDOM and alignment. Thank you so much for this lovely and powerful writing. Much Love, Rem

  3. smaro436: The little things are what we practice with. When we have surrendered often enough, we understand the process, we are familiar with it and we trust it. Then we can surrender in the 'big life situations'. Also there are no real "big' life things. Just a series of moments and small decisions. They add up to "big" things when we look at them with hindsight. See:


  4. Suzanne Williams tweeted me to post this on her behalf:
    Sophie, As usual you have told me just what I needed to hear. Surrendering to "What Is" really is the answer...Keep Smiling, Keep Sharing, Keep Shining...your light will lead the way.

  5. i love the way you explained this. i am learning step by step to surrender more and more.
    btw, who is the artist of the image you used in this post? i love it!