Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The One Who Is

There are two aspects to the Divine: the masculine and the feminine.

Listen to me:

Even in Oneness there are two aspects to the Divine.

Her time has come back and people are talking about the rise of the Feminine power, the rise of the Goddess.

And it is true indeed that her power is becoming stronger but it is not because the Feminine is going to rule or control.

It is because she is about to create again.

We are at another turning point of creation. It is equivalent to the momentous decision that was made at the "Big Bang" to become Duality.

We are in the process of collectively deciding that we want to reabsorb duality into Oneness, to create differently. This process is irreversible. We are in the birth canal and there is no turning back.

Don't ask me what that it is going to look like in practice because I am a Quantum Healer, not a psychic.

I don't see the future:
I create the present, I am the present.

And all I know is that from my entrails, through the womb of the earth, through the consciousness of the universe, a new reality is being birthed as we speak. It is being born from the feminine of the Divine.

She I am speaking of never reveals her face.

While she has manifested with so many different names, faces and flavors through the ages, the One that I am speaking of, the One that IS at the core never reveals her face.

She just does what she does. She 'gets on with it' and makes it happen, like so many of the women we know.

Without fanfare, without glory, She is giving birth to a completely new world. Feel her inside of you, men and women of the earth: she is there for sure. Love her, protect her, respect her. She thrives on love and if you love her back she will keep your tiny little insignificant speck of consciousness in her plan. Otherwise, you will have to be reabsorbed as well and spat back as another entity. For she will not be stopped this time. We had our time of duality. And we messed it up.

We did not create love from duality. We did not create love from pain: we created more pain from pain. More torture from the torture, more separation from the separation. Don't tell her that we need duality to feel, evil to know good and night to appreciate the light. For she has been in absolute Oneness of Love for ever and eternity. Now she wants to create love from love. Let her decide: she is in control and there is nothing you can do about it.

Heed her warning: this IS the end of the world.
The end of the world as YOU know it.

She is becoming.


It does not happen often and you are very privileged to have consciousness and to have awareness at such a momentous time of the existence of the Divine creating itself into becoming more of the Love that it is.

Hear her call.

She is not the siren in the Ocean.
She IS the Ocean.
While her voice is mysterious and unfamiliar,
your whole universe was born of her loins on that voice.
She is stirring again,
about to create,
and become
before she recedes
for another eternity.

This is not poetry. This is what is happening. Trust me and make the most of it. Thank you. She bows to you for listening. In the listening is the healing.

How are YOU experiencing the awakening of the Divine Feminine? What is YOUR part in this process of creation? Share in a comment and leave a link to relevant resources! THANK YOU: we learn together!!


  1. WOW! Amazing post Sophie - just simply amazing.

    I "intuitively feel" the very changes you are talking about. The creation that is taking place. The movement from duality to Oneness.

    This feeling is both unsettling and healing in the way it moves within me. It is something I look forward to and resist.

    It is like growing new skin after a cut or burn. The process is a bit painful and itchy, but if you wait and participate in the healing, the end result is wonderful.

    I'm excited.

    And thankful for you, your intuition and your blogging.

    Peace, Love and Light,

  2. Love this post. Insightful, right on time, so very necessary. I would add just this comment - as a spiritual, Goddess loving, worshiping woman who has been guiding other women on the Goddess path, reclaiming, rebirthing and revering and that was lost of Goddess spirituality - She *does* reveal Her face.

    We can and do know Her identity. She is Isis, the One who was wife to Osirus and mother to Horus. She is Aradia, Queen of the Italian Streghe and Wise Woman of Old. She is Hesta, keeper of the hearthfires and matron of women and children. She is Creatress, Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is every aspect of every woman's life, and She is the living, breathing Earth.

    She comes into power again now, when we need Her most. (You've already stated this, so eloquently, above). And She comes to create Balance in the great chaos that was created with the rise and hold of Patriarchy.

    Kudos, kudos and thanks for such a lovely post. I shall certainly point many others to it.

    *~*Moonbeam Blessings*~*
    Jo Lynne

  3. Oh Sophie...that was wonderful and on so many levels shinning a light into what has been happening in my life over the last year.
    The layers I've dropped, the pain I've endured and released, the forgiveness I've given, the changes I've gone through, the healing, the happiness, thoughts once said only to self pour out of my mind through the mouth to the universe..
    I wroe this out last year and not a day goes by that I dont' think about it.
    Something Wonderful is Happening Today !!
    I can feel it !!
    it is building, people are changing,
    I have never felt so alive..
    and great each new day with....

    what's next??

    all I can do is change me, and shine that energy that was always there back out in everything I do...that is truth!
    I was going to write about those who dont' care
    but there is only room for positive light in my world...It is a choice, and I choose a wonderful world...:) and in fact I'm here now !

    thank you for talking about this..

    come gather round people wherever you roam....
    for the times they are a changing

  4. With This I say Again -

    Love Sustains Me

    Love is the only True Source that sustains me.
    Love is the gift that heals.
    It breathes into me its cadence.
    I bask in its radiant light and I feel its warm embrace.
    It quenches my thirst and feeds my soul.
    I can accept this gift of love without reservation.
    It brings creativity to my life and awakens my spirit!
    Every part of me is gaining strength in Loves energy.
    I can feel Love!
    I can hear Love!
    I can see Love!
    I can smell Love!
    I can taste Love!
    I will walk today in loves light.
    It lifts me up and propels me forward.
    There is nothing more that I need, than Love to sustain me.

    Gena Livings

  5. Thank you so much for engaging in discussion about the Divine Feminine creating at this time! I feel honored and am overwhelmed by the love I receive from you in your contributions. Your words are so heartfelt: I can feel your energy, the energy of the Goddess awakening and the energy of the planetary shift through what you are saying! Please keep sharing: togetehr we create! <3 <3 <3

  6. Sophie,
    I really appreciate your insights and suggestions. Yes, the energy is accelerating and expanding and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
    Our job right now is to BREATHE and SURRENDER. To the extent that we are able to let go, and accept new energies into our bodies and our lives....that is the extent to which we will PROPSER physically, spiritually, financially and in all other ways.
    The more we try to hang on to the old (ways of thinking, feeling and being)....the more we will suffer.
    The energy will NOT be LET GO, BREATHE, SURRENDER...........and CHANGE!
    XXOO Misha