Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visited by an Angel

Have you ever been visited by an Angel? It feels truly wonderful:

Unconditional Love.

The softest Golden Light.

Absolute Peace.

Knowing that you are eternal.

Feeling you belong.

Of course other energies allow you to feel this way! When you go straight to the Light, to Source, to the Divine, all those delightful qualities are present in every cell of your body.

For me the difference when an Angel is present is that I feel held, supported, tenderly accepted. I think Angels are the best friends. Angels deliver a softer, sweeter version of Divine Love in my experience

I am always so grateful when I am visited by an Angel or an Archangel. They make my day exquisite. Someone recently said: " @Sophie_Lhoste She is an angel of light" and I really feel that Angels
are my family. They have kept me going, guided me and kept me safe for the past 25 years. And Twitter is full of angels! We're in good company there!

Cultivate your relationship with angels: they will make you stronger and your life sweeter.

What are YOUR experiences with Angels? Leave a comment: together we learn!

1 comment:

  1. Sophie, I was visited by Angels many times when I was young. They always did funny things to show me they were there - usually with the electricity switches! As I got older, I knew they were with me without them needing to do things - I've always just known. It is truly a beautiful feeling & I feel blessed.

    Hugs & blessings to you!
    Caryl :)