Sunday, July 26, 2009

Divine Feminine Portal Today

I have just realized why I had such a fuzzy head and finding it near impossible to think in a linear way today: it is a very very special day for working with the Divine Feminine. If you consciously work with the Goddess, her awakening or the rebalancing of the male an female energies, today is a portal.

You know how it is with portals: the more you open up and surrender, the more you receive.

I was visited by Archangel Uriel first thing this morning on waking up. He asked me to blog about human emotions and to write about our relationships with Angels. The experience was delightful and powerful.

My Twitter friend
Caryl Haxworth wrote to me today: " I woke with a very similar experience this morning. I had a pulsating energy running throughout my body and suddenly 4 words were given to me, "Attuned with the Divine!" "

Some have told me about feeling dizzy or finding it difficult to stay grounded today. Others on the other hand are feeling super creative and connected.

So today:

  1. connect with the Divine Feminine
  2. stay grounded
  3. stay hydrated
  4. rest if you need to
  5. listen for messages and watch out for signs
  6. pay attention to connections: many positive and gentle souls noticing each other and gathering at the moment
  7. be aware of any noticeable changes in the way you function (today I have become even more psychic and intuitive than before and I can now see the pattern of what people are saying. These abilities have been coming along and today is a leap.)
  8. Be very careful with your boundaries as they are being tested. DEMAND RESPECT and SUPPORT for who you are and the work you do
Gotta go. I love you, She Loves you: Love yourself!

Hidden forever from human eyes she whispers the world into being. Can u feel her?

What's YOUR experience of the Divine Feminine Portal today?


  1. I am relatively new to Angels. I have seen them but have not yet communicated with them. I believe I am starting to hear them. I have felt their presence for a long time but was afraid to embrace them. Now, I long to know the Angels.

    Thank you Sophie.. you keep my eyes and mind open.
    ~love and light

  2. Dear Sophie:
    This morning I studied some Goddesses in my Goddess tarot deck. ! Isis! I have had a wonderful day- went to an italian genealogy lunch w/a 90 yr old friend I'm very fond of.

    Lovely day.
    Better than friday..thank you so much for putting up w/me on FRIDAY. BLESSINGS AND LOVE
    Erin :)!

  3. I want to be visited by an archangel!?


    Love to you...


  4. Dear Sophie,

    You already know my experience for the day. I am also very aware of being more intuitive than I ever was before. It is a beautiful feeling - empowering, yet very loving!

    Thank you for being here. You understand my feelings & put it into words so well!

    Love & Light!
    Caryl :)